Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Works For Me

Maybe I'm too old to trust technology or maybe I've had to reformat my computer one too many times; whatever the reason, I prefer having a hard copy of everything on my computer, including my blog. My art journal is a loose leaf notebook with page protectors. I print out copies of my post here and include them in my personal art journal. I further embellish each page with handwritten comments, more pictures or other ephemera that is appropriate. This makes for a quick and easy journal entry and incorporates my blog into my personal history. For more tips check out Rocks In My Dryer


Amy said...

What a great idea. I'm imagining this with a child's baby book, for example. You can add photos (I don't put photos of my child's face on my blog) or locks of hair or whatever.


Carrie J said...

Using them in a baby book would be a great idea or if the post is all about the kids, how about include a printout in a letter to Grandma (if she isn't into the computer like my husband's mother) They are great for family scrapbooks as well, especially accounts of trips or major family events.
Thanks for the comment.

Shop girl said...

This is a wonderful idea..I will do this...thank you so much for sharing. I come and peek now and then and find your blog to be beautiful... Mary

Carrie J said...

Thank you Mary. I enjoy taking pictures and keep trying to get better at it. I don't know what I would do without my digital camera.