Wednesday, April 04, 2007

These Women ROCK!

These girls rocked the house last night and won the National Women's Basketball Championship! We saw them play a few weeks ago and they are awesome! Their coach, Pat Summitt, is a person I greatly admire. She is a great motivator and a real inspiration to young women everywhere.

She requires a great deal from her players on the court and off. She expects every player to attend all their classes AND sit in the first 3 rows. They behave themselves and act responsibly. The averaged GPA of the team is 3.2. I don't think I've ever heard any of the girls getting in any trouble. You can tell the team has enormous respect and affection for her. The University of Tennessee has even named its basketball court at the Thompson-Boling Arena, "The Summitt," What I enjoy is going to a game and looking around at all the little girls in there in their orange and white. Pat is always so nice to the little girls that come up for her autograph. They just beam at her. She spends time meeting with local youth and does motivational speaking. You can ask almost any little girl in Knoxville and they will say they want to be a Lady Vol.

In a day and age where the media is teaching our young girls that being some sort of sex object is where it is at, where we have people like Paris Hilton in every magazine, Pat Summitt is showing them there is something better in life to shoot for. She teaches them to work hard to reach whatever their goals are. Some of the players go on to play on pro teams. Most of them go on to other careers and ventures so being a professional athlete isn't what she is all about. She is about building character. Pat Summitt ROCKS!

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