Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree

Good friends of mine were in charge of a Christmas Festival of Trees to support a Senior citizens aide program. They had a few companies back out at the last minute and I volunteered to decorate one of the trees for them. I used what I had on hand, so the whole tree only cost about $14 to decorate. My ornaments were made of paper bags and fabric. The garland was paper bag, fabric and raffia. I took some satin balls that, frankly, I scavanged from the garbage bin and covered them with fabric. I used ribbon candy made from polymer clay and wood bead garland. I also made some little signs out of paper bag and fabric with wire hangers and raffia bows. Each sign has a Christmas phrase such as Jingle Bells, or Deck the Halls etc. I was very excited to see that my tree sold during the preview dinner for $200 dollars! The owner of the building where the festival was held bought it. He is going to display it there through this holiday season. It was great to able to help out with the fundraiser and I think I will probably do it again next year. It is a worthy cause.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Miss Indian Alabama

Meagan on the Right My nephew's fiance was crowned Miss Indian Alabama this past weekend. I haven't spent much time with her yet but she seems to be a very sweet girl. She has a beautiful singing voice. Congratulations Megan!

Monday, November 06, 2006

My Heart walking around outside my body.

College graduation 2005 It has been a stressful 24 hours. My oldest daughter has been working on a cruise ship for the past few weeks, altering costumes for one of the production numbers. She called me from Puerto Rico yesterday telling me that there was no promised ticket home waiting for her at the San Juan airport. It was part of her contract that they would provide all transportation. All attempts we made to contact the company she was working for failed. It must have been a very stressful job, because she started crying because she just wanted to get home. Everyone at the Delta check in tried to comfort her and offered any help she needed. As anyone with children knows, letting them learn lessons like, having enough cash and an emergency credit card when you travel, is very difficult. She was expecting to have a ticket and didn't think she would need extra so didn't take it with her. A gentleman that worked for Delta took pity on her and helped her find a safe and inexpensive hotel, and even paid for it. He said he had a daughter about her age and she reminded him of her. He took the time to walk her around downtown San Juan and told her some history of the area. God Bless him. I will say an extra prayer for him tonight. There are still good people in the world. I have realized that no matter how much I talk, my kids don't always listen. They seem to learn everything the hard way. Why does it have to be so painful for me while they do? I thought learning my own life lessons was hard, this is a thousand times worse. Anyway, after finally reaching the company, she is on her way home and should be here tonight. Well, all is well that ends well.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It is indeed a small world.

Patty over at Morning Ramble gave me premission to share this story. I have been reading her blog for just a few months now. I think she is a beautiful writer and I wish I could express myself as well as she does. So here is my story of how the internet has really shrunk the size of our world. My husband and I run a small business out of our home. I sometimes go with him to deliver and call on customers. Yesterday I went with him to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to call on a new customer of ours and to try to get a few good photos of the remaining fall foliage and some mountain shots. The location of the store is off the main drag, so there usually isn't very much foot traffic this time of year. There were only a few stores in the strip even open. I was passing the time by experimenting with my camera. I still haven't figured out all of the settings and I am anxious to improve the quality of the pictures I take so I decided to snap a few pictures of the buildings around. That wasn't very interesting so I took some pictures of workers moving some display units and snapped a picture of a young couple walking out of a store. "Hmmm",I thought, "they look just like Patty's son and new daughter in law. But is couldn't possibly be." I asked my husband when he came out of the store if he had noticed them. He said yes, and I told him I thought I knew them, when I told him how, he looked at me like I was crazy! LOL. He didn't think it was likely that it was them. I decided to keep the picture and compare it to her pictures of their wedding and low and behold...It WAS them! Isn't that wild? Well, I have to tell you the odds of us being in the same place and me having my camera are pretty slim considering I was only there for about 10 minutes and I usually don't have my camera with me and they were the only actual customers I saw, everyone else was a worker. I consider this to be extraordinary that it all fell in place, so here is the "stalker" picture I took. So just remember...It IS a small, small, world.