Saturday, May 31, 2008

Harvest The Rain

So far this year rain levels here have been pretty good. Everything is growing and looking wonderful. I can't wait to start harvesting fresh vegetables.

Last year was a different story with an almost 16 inch deficit in rain. I've decided that I want to set up a rain barrel system to harvest some of the rain now for the drier months. I have to get my husband on board to help me.

In surfing the internet I found a wonderful article about harvesting rain at Mother Earth News. Great info for those who are interested in building their own rain system suitable for whole house use.

Then there is the pdf file The Texas Manual On Rainwater Harvesting. Pretty dry reading but it contains fascinating facts about how rainwater is captured and used in different parts of the country and world. Did you know that The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center in Austin, Texas, harvests 300,000 gallons of rainwater annually from almost 19,000 square feet of roof collection area for irrigation of its native plant landscapes?

And finally there is this article from the Maryland Environmental Development site with even better info on a simple barrel system that seems more in keeping with a small home garden.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What I Saw: It Was 30 Years Ago Today

My husband came up to me this morning, smiled and asked a question that I have learned to fear...."Do you remember what today is?" "Hmmmm....Wednesday?" I asked lamely. "Yeeessss....but what day is it?" "Uhhhhh....Garbage day?" I stuttered. It was no use....I was in trouble. I thought it was guys who could never remember important dates! Unfortunately, in this case, it is me. Sigh.

Actually, in my defense, it is Wednesday and garbage day. It also happens to be the 30th anniversary of the day I met the man with the memory of an elephant.

He planned a sunset picnic at the lake to celebrate. We walked on the shore, ate great food and watched the sun set. It was beautiful and romantic and made me very glad for the man with the mind like a steel trap.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Journey North

I wonder when the hummingbirds will be back at my feeder this year.

Do you wonder if the Monarchs, the Robins,hummingbirds or whooping cranes, or any of the signs of spring have shown up yet?

Then check out the Maps and Sights at Journey North.

A great resource for teaching your kids about migration or maybe learning a little something yourself.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Savings

Great deals this week. $26 dollars in register rewards back at Walgreens and a total of $4.56 out of pocket. I've got another batch of goodies to photograph yet. All bought with register rewards. I'll have the pics up later. The toothbrushes came from CVS. $0 out of pocket (paid for them with a gift card) and $11.97 in ECB bucks. For more Saturday Savings check out Money Saving Mom.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Living Green =Saving Money?

Thinking green and trying to live green is on everyone's mind these days. It really makes sense not only for our environment but for our pocket books as well. Every where you look stores are selling the latest, newest, good for the environment goodie. Do we really need to buy more? Wouldn't it be smarter to use what we already have?

My grandparents were some of the most frugal people I have ever known. They were green when green wasn't cool. They recycled everything that could be recycled. They did it not with the idea of saving the environment but with the goal of not being wasteful. Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. Nothing was too small.

My grandfather took the time to straighten bent nails from projects and reused them. My grandmother saved scraps for quilts and string from feed bags. She even taught me the fine art of dumpster diving when I helped her and her sister in law collect fabric from the place the local shirt factory dumped their scraps. I still have quilts made from those scraps. When I wanted drawing paper it was most often the blank insides of a junk mail envelope. I wasn't going to be allowed to draw on school paper that they had paid good money for!

Even with all the saving their home was never cluttered because they used the things they saved. I grew up watching that and they set a great example to follow.

Today living green is what is fashionable. I wonder how Grannie and Pa Pa would feel about being so cool? That makes me chuckle! I think my grandparents would think it funny too.

While surfing I found a great little project for using those mesh vegetable bags, and this one which is another use for those junk mail envelopes. Both are by Girl on the Rocks and they are frugal and green. Are you going to save the world or save a bazillion dollars? Nope. But it might get you to thinking about other things you can do and if we all make a few changes...who knows.