Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Busy Day

It has been a busy, busy day. I got up at 6 am, didn't sleep well last night after the horrible news day. My heart is breaking for the families of those students. God bless them.

After breakfast I started working on 4 dozen cupcakes I needed for our homeschool group end of the year social and talent show. I made French Vanilla with homemade buttercreme icing. I'm with Paula Dean on this one, nothing like real butter.

After the cupcakes I made a Chicken Queso casserole to take. I had to be there by 11 to set up tables and make sure the electric keyboard was set up. We had a great lunch and social followed by a talent show put on by the kids. My son played piano, a Beatles tune. We had displays of the artwork and projects the kids had worked on this year. They are such great kids, it is a privilage to be involved with them.

After clean up a few of us sat around and visited for awhile. I've got some great friends and it is wonderful to have the time to just relax, no planning next weeks activities, just shooting the breeze.

I had to go by and sign our tax return and get it in the mail, make it home in time to get supper ready . Randy surprised me by having cleaned up my mess I left from this morning, thanks honey!

We actually had time to sit down in our backyard and enjoy the view for a few minutes. School meetings over for the year, taxes filed, a great day to be outside after all the rain and cold.

I got a great shot of the Bluebirds that have a nest in our birdhouse and a shot of a Groundhog that has a burrow down our street. I'll share those in other posts.


Rebecca said...

Yum! Those cupcakes look scrumptdillyicioius!

Carrie J said...

Thanks Rebecca. They were very good if I must say so myself. :)