Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

OK. I'm not too good with car tips. I've warned you. Here are the few tips that I can think of we do. We have an Astro van that has a good deal of space between the front seats. We keep one of those plastic milk crates between the seats. It fits tightly enough it won't slide. I mostly use it to keep smaller items in, the kind of things that come sliding out of nowhere under your foot when you least need it to. I also keep my traveling essentials there: Baby Wipes, Tissues, Small First Aid kit which includes Tylenol, cough drops and antacid, a pencil bag with pens, pencils, post it notes, tape and a pair of scissors , a few snacks like dried fruit or granola bars and bottled water, a few small lunch size paper bags and plastic zip lock bags. The zip lock bags are essential and a life saver if you have a child prone to carsickness. I also keep 3 or 4 medium size boxes in the trunk area. These come in handy to keep shopping bags in when grocery shopping. Cans and bottles can't roll out of the bags and around in the back of the van. Pretty basic stuff. For more tips check out Rocks in My Dryer.

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