Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Patience pays

I've had these silhouettes of my kids displayed on a shelf for years, just waiting until I could find the perfect frames to put them in. I finally did! I got both these frames at the thrift store for $2 each! I didn't go to the expense of getting a mat cut for them. I took black acid free paper, scrapbooking actually, and placed the pics on top of it with pieces of archival tape. When they were put in the frames you can hardly tell that they aren't framed. I am really wanting the warm weather back and am feeling the need for spring cleaning and rearranging. I picked up some silk African Violets at the wholesale florist, put them in regular terra cota pots and sat them in my dining room window; then I hung my new pictures. It cheered me up and brought a little spring in, even if it is still pretty cool outside. Now I just need the sun to shine.

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