Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cold Cold Easter Weekend

We woke up early Saturday, 5:30 am, to head out to Alabama for our annual family Easter gathering. This is what we woke up to....

Cold temps and snow on the ground! Not Spring like at all. Such a contrast to the past few weeks and not promising for a day outdoors hunting eggs.
We had a 5 1/2 hour trip down to Prattville Alabama to my brother and sister in law's home. Miles and miles of Interstate driving.
By the time we reached Clanton, Alabama the sun was shining and there were beautiful Azaleas blooming at the rest stop there. The wind was blowing and it was still cold.

We arrived at the party where around 50 or so family members were gathered along with a dozen or so friends. We had a great time eating and visiting. We had the chance to see my Mother and sister as well as members of Randy's family that we had not seen for awhile.

Our nephew Alan, who is in the military and has been in Iraq at least 3 times, was there with his lovely wife Teresa. They are the cutest couple and expecting their first child together this coming September. They are being transferred to England for the next three years where he will probably return to Iraq. We pray he will be safe.

Our other nephew, Sam, was there with his girlfriend. Sam is working on getting his PHD in Microbiology. It is so great to see so many of our nieces and nephews doing so well and so happy.

We headed back home that afternoon after the party and arrived back home around midnight. It was quite a drive and a busy fun filled day.

But I'll admit I was glad to get back home. Tennessee is home now. I love Alabama and I love the people. but I guess I am officially a Tennessean now.

This is Rising Fawn, Georgia. We pass through there on the way to Alabama. I love the name. I assume that the mountain there is called Rising Fawn as well. Even though it was cold it was a beautiful day for a drive.

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