Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Travels

Here it is Monday morning again and back to work. I can't complain because I spent my weekend outdoors and away from the usual.

We had a beautiful weekend with cooler temperatures and low humidity. It was a blessed reprieve from the past weeks of hot weather. There were wonderful cool breezes that made it a pleasure to be outside.

As I mentioned earlier DH and I went to Muddy Pond Mennonite community on business Friday. It was for some pleasure as well. We ate at the General Store there. They have a wonderful deli and some good old fashioned sandwiches that are to die for.

I got my delicious Coconut cake from our customers at the Country Porch as well. Oh my goodness! If I lived near there I would weigh 500 pounds because I could eat like this forever. I took lots of pictures as usual. I'll share those here and follow up with details of the rest of the weekend.

Shelves are stocked like this with everything you can imagine. This is the candy isle. Lots of sugar free choices as well as good old fashioned candy.

There are baked goods, lots of spices and baking ingredients, as well as jams, jellies and perserves.

They also carry lots of decorative and useful household items. The best sandwich makers in the world!

Delicious Sweet Lebanon Bologna and cheese with fresh sliced tomato and lettuce on white bread with mayo of course! Decadent!

The folks who run this store , Delton and Rhonda Koehn are the nicest couple. They have a restaurant and gift shop. The home of the world's finest coconut cake. I promise!

There are other places to shop besides the stores. The honor system is used. The bucket in the bottom picture and the box in the top have written notes to just place you money in the containers. We picked up some wonderful tomatoes from a farm for only $1.50 a container.

The farms are so neat and clean. Most of the Mennonite homes have a scripture sign and beautiful flower beds in their yards.

Some friendly residents were waiting to greet us.


Patty said...

Love these pictures,

Meredith said...

Carrie, this is right up my alley! Muddy Pond has been on my list for a while; now I'll know just what to expect the next time we travel east.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.

Carrie J said...

Meredith the time to go if you can is September or early October. They make molasses during this time and it is very interesting. The molasses we bought was still warm. Muddy Pond is out of the way but an intersting stop.