Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weekend Travels Part 2

Saturday was my birthday. I'm old. Don't ask. My hubby told me to pick where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do for the day. Any guesses? Yep, as usual, the mountains. Pictures of that in my next post.

While we were in Alabama for the family reunion my dh had learned quite a bit about family connections to some early American history.

Tennessee statesman John Sevier had died while in Alabama negotiating with the Creek Indians, and was buried in a family plot there. His body was later removed and buried here in Tennessee.

My husband and his brother did a little backwoods exploration and visited the original site of Fort Decatur. A fort that was used during the Indian wars by the likes of Sevier and Andrew Jackson.

The original Sevier home site is located in Knoxville. We decided to stop by and look around before we headed to the mountains. We had some wonderful conversation with on site historians about details of early settlement of the area. We are history buffs so found it very interesting.

I got to take lots of pictures which made me very happy. Top pic: Original John Sevier home. Restored and on original site.

Second pic: Inside the kitchen of the home.

Third pic: I believe this is Yarrow.

Fourth pic: The resident mouser. Loves to be petted.

Bottom pic: Very friendly historians and grounds keeper. They shared lots of interesting info with us.

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