Monday, July 09, 2007

Soft Soap

I've noticed the past few years that cleaning products have started to bother me. After cleaning the bathroom or kitchen I would be coughing and my eyes would itch. I discovered the recipe for homemade laundry detergent online and decided to make a version of it for cleaning.

I have been using the pink Zote soap in mine simply because that is what I have found at a good price. My soap consist of only 3 ingredients: A half bar of Zote soap, grated, about a half cup of Washing Soda and about a gallon of hot water. I don't bother to add the Borax called for in the laundry soap recipe because it is for whitening and odor removal and I don't think I need that in this recipe. I melt the soap in a pan on the stove and then stir in the Washing Soda, (the mixture starts to thicken when the washing soda is added) simmer on low for about 10 minutes.

Remove from the heat, allow to cool enough to transfer to storage containers. Soap will thicken as it cools. Mine is fairly thick. The more water you add the softer it will be. Experiment until you get a consistency you like.

Before I transfer it to the storage containers I add essential oils for fragrance. I added Lavender and Peppermint to mine. The Zote soap has a light floral fragrance that blends well with it.

I use this soap for cleaning almost anything. I have found it works well for floors, bathroom fixtures, to pre-treat laundry and even to wash dishes (It cuts grease well). I just mix in about a third of a cup with about a gallon or so of water. I use more, or sometimes even straight, if it is a tough cleaning job.

As I run out of cleaners I have on hand, I am replacing them with natural products such as vinegar and baking soda. I also use micro fiber cloths. I get mine in the auto department at Wal Mart. I use them on my Swiffer for mopping as well as regular cleaning. Using natural products not only helps me, but it helps the environment as well.


Meredith said...

Neat! I never knew you could make liquid soap other than melting all the little soap slivers down.

Your blog is so beautiful and peaceful. What a nice place to visit!

Carrie J said...

Thanks Meredith. I really appreciate that. The liquid soap can be made out of regular soap scraps too, without the washing powder for personal use. You can still add the essential oil if you like.