Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WFMW: Dishpans Rock!

I love dishpans. In fact, if I wasn't married, I would marry a dishpan. They are that good! I mean it. They are versatile, very useful, cheap( I get mine for a dollar), they help you clean up and they don't talk back!

I use dishpans in so many ways that the original post I wrote turned into something akin to a thesis, so I decided to cut to the chase and just list someways I use dishpans in my home.

* Carry dishes, silverware and condiments to and from the table.

* As a homeschooler we use them in many ways; as schoolwork In/Out boxes, to hold items we need to take to classes or lessons, for science experiments and craft projects and so on.

* I keep one under the bathroom sink with all the items needed for a good foot soak and pedicure.

* One for each child to hold clean laundry to be put away and items found in their pockets.

* To corral small jars and items such as butter on one shelf in the refrigerator. No more getting lost in the back.

* I also keep one to put small Tupperware or baggies that hold leftovers and items like onion halves.

* To hold cleaning items in bathroom and under kitchen sink.

* Storage containers on open shelving to hold items such as the dog leash, umbrellas, small toys, small kids books.

* Great for quick pick up of items to be put away. They are just the right size for kids to handle easily.

* Store parts to small appliances such as attachments for the vacuum. Keep all the baking items together: the beaters for the mixer, blades for the food processor, measuring spoons.

* Use a dishpan to soak and hand wash delicate laundry.

* Though not the most attractive option, in a pinch a NEW dishpan can be used as a large serving bowl for items such as potato salad, green salad or any other cold dish. Hmmm....I have visions of an enormous Holy Smoke Pie!

* To wash dishes. Gasp! I know, how UNoriginal but you know it really does help save water.

These are just a few of the ways we use dishpans around our home. Works for Me. I would love to hear any ideas that others might want to share. Dishpans holding my craft paint by color. Click here for the NEW WFMW!


ellen b said...

You go girl! I'm so happy you included a photo...

Lana G! said...

That is great! Love it.

Jane said...

I have some in the classroom to hold picture books face out for the students to browse through.

Christine said...

I used to do the same thing as Jane when I was teaching. They were very convenient for storing books. I love your ideas!!

starryfish said...

I just bought my first dishpan to use in my sink. I never considered using dishpans in any other way--thanks for the great ideas!!

Homeschooling Momma said...

I'll have to remember to pick up some dishpans! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sandra said...

At first I wondered what you meant - I had visions of metal baking trays and couldn't 'get it'. Aaaaah - the photo cleared everything up. Here in Oz we just call them "washing up bowls" and yes, they are VERY useful. I currently have one in the bath to hold bath toys and have used several over the years similar to you :-) The simple things are often the best (and cheapest!).

Kirby3131 said...

I was just using my stash yesterday - I use mine to sort through my desk LOL sometimes my desk gets piled waaaay too high - so I grab three or four dishpans and start the divide and conquer and if I get distracted in the middle, I can stack all those bins up and not have to do it over again.

I use my label maker and label the bins and the labels are so easy to take off and change too - unlike a paper bin where a sticky label would ruin them.

This indeed is a great tip!

My greatest tip is about Vitamin E
Have a great day!

ilovemy5kids said...

That is fantastic! I needed that idea!