Saturday, June 02, 2007

My First Crush

I was surfing around the Internet and found a picture of my first crush, the guy that I thought was the most handsome man I had ever seen. I think I was 6, watching television at my grandparents, the first time I saw him.

It was love at first sight. He was tall, I could tell, and all the men in my life that I loved were tall. My grandfather and his sons were over 6 ft. My dad had been around 6 ft tall. Yes, tall men were where it was at. Here he is. Yep, Jimmy Stewart. Wasn't he gorgeous? My grandparents had a black and white TV and I had no idea the movie I was watching was from almost 30 years earlier. Can you tell I lived a sheltered life? Everyone else at the time was crazy for Elvis or I guess, The Beatles by this time and I'm in love with Jimmy Stewart.

I was in love with Mr. Jimmy Stewart for several years actually. I was around 9 before I found out that he was actually my grandmother's age! I was so heartbroken! Why, oh why wasn't I born just 30, well....actually about 50 years earlier? I was destined to live my life with an unrequited love, and Jimmy, poor thing, he never knew what he missed.

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