Friday, May 04, 2007

Yard Sale Haul

Got in a few yard sales today before the rain set in. I think I got some really good deals.

This cute little wallet/purse with a shoulder strap still had the tags on with a price of $49.00! I got it for $2. The little plate is a Fitz and Floyd with the tag, priced at $35. I can't believe they actually paid that much for it. I don't much about their line and what it normally sells for. I need to look up the price. Anyway I paid $1.

Other things I picked up were these pretty embroidered tea towels for 25 cents each. A teapot and tea ball (diffuser?) with a snowflake fob for $3. A really pretty teacup and sugar dish for 50 cents each. A milk glass vase for $1 and a pretty glass dish with a glass serving spoon for 10 cents each.

So everything was $8.20. Not bad. I look forward to using the teapot. I have wanted one for quite a long time and I love this one. Sounds like a good excuse for a tea party to me!

1 comment:

Anne said...

I need to go Yard Saling with you.
Great buys.