Sunday, May 06, 2007

Prayer Requests

Patty over at Morning Ramble requested prayer for her new granddaughter, Mei-Ling.

So I am posting her request and adding a request for my new great-nephew Miles. He was born 7 weeks early and needs to gain weight and keep his body weight up so he can go home.

So when you say your prayers please include these two little ones. Thanks so much.




Sonny said...

Who does miles belong to?Were the parents at Easter get together?

Christine said...

Carrie! I was so excited to see Miles on your blog today. He really can use more prayers. We know that is what has got him through some of the tough times and why we have found so much peace during this time. We took him to the doctor today and he has a really low temperature and if he doesn't get it back up before Friday they are going to take him back to the NICU. I'm sure things will be okay. This has just been an emotional roller coaster and we have felt so blessed that things have not been worse like other children in the NICU that we came across. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and prayers.