Saturday, May 05, 2007

Our Empty Nest Isn't Empty Anymore.

Our baby birds flew away. They perched on the side of the nest flapping their wings, hesitated for a moment and flew. Just like that. They were gone. I missed them for a couple of days. Then this morning as I took my coffee out on our porch I noticed Mama bird sitting in the nest. She took one look at me, flew up in a near by tree and proceeded to raise quite a ruckus. I knew something was up, so I took a look into the nest. Low and behold, another egg! I had no idea that birds would lay additional eggs so soon after raising a brood. It is only one lonely little egg. So if it isn't a dud I guess we will have another little baby bird to watch. Edit: I checked the nest again today and now there are 4 eggs total. So we will have a nest full again soon and we have baby bluebirds in the back yard.

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