Friday, May 11, 2007


Pic 1 and 2: Oconalufee visitor center, Cherokee N.C.
Pic 3 and 4: Applachian Museum, Norris Tennessee


Sonny said...

So what are the side ways triangular fences used for?Were they for a decorative yard fence or did people hide behind them to shoot Indians when they were raiding or what? Seriously. Have always wondered if there was a purpose to that particular style.
I know the last one we grew up with that type fence.

Carrie J said...

Actually the angle I took the picture from makes it look like that. I like the lines, part of my obcession with pattern. They are split rail fences (google them). There are no nails or any kind of connector. They are just stacked. Ease of construction was the main attraction, plus you can hide behind if needed. At least they do in the movies! I am looking for a good stone construction fence. They were made from stones gathered in the fields.

Melkhi said...

I love these pictures!!