Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pioneer Homestead

Just outside of Cherokee, North Carolina , in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park,is the Oconalufee visitor center.

They have preserved a pioneer homestead there. I believe that the home was moved there and restored. It was built by John E.Davis and his two oldest sons.

The boys, who were very young at the time gathered all the stones used in the chimney and fireplace. The other 3 children were born in the house. .

The homestead there is in a very peaceful setting near an Elk crossing. People often come there in the evenings watching for the Elk to come out and feed. There is a Ranger on duty there to answer any questions. They have activities there and a list can be obtained by contacting the Park Service. .

John E. Davis and family.



How would you like to cook in this kitchen?


Sonny said...

Thank my lucky stars for gas/electric stoves!!!!
I would have to move that cupboard somewhere else and there would probably be a lot of spilt food,the fireplace appears shallow in the photo because

Carrie J said...

I thought that as well. The kitchen does not open into the main rooms even though it is attached to the house. There is a bigger fireplace in the main room for heat.