Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

I had written a lovely post, full of humor and great insight. In fact, Blogger ate it because it was so good! So you are left with this. Short and sweet. Children forget things. Over and over and over. After telling my children how to do their chores again and again and again, I decided to make detailed step by step list for each of the chores that the kids were in charge of. No detail was left out,every step described down to the most obvious and basic level such as how much soap to use. I discovered just how necessary this was after finding that my daughter used a half a bottle of dish liquid to wash dinner dishes. Each list was discussed with the kids and after I was sure they understood the steps the list was posted. The kids understood that after everything was completed then, and only then, was the chore finished. I still did spot checks but the time saved was impressive. No discussions as to whether they were supposed to do this or that, it was in writing for all to see. Discussion over. Worked for me. For more tips check out Rocks in My Dryer.


deanna said...

Great idea, I was just thinking of doing the same thing! I found a site that sells flip charts descibing basic chores, but I figured I could make it cheaper and it would be specific to our house. Thanks for reminding me!

Shop girl said...

I will share this with my Daughter Jenny, she needs so help. Mary (Idaho)