Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

My WFMW tip this week is on storing sheets. When all my kids were home we had 5 beds to change sheets on every week. At one time I had several sets of sheets for each child's bed. This became a storage problem with the limited space we had at the time. I eliminated all but 2 sets of sheets per bed , I kept 3 sets for the littlest child. I figured one for the bed, one waiting to go on was enough. The extra sheets were folded and stored inside the pillowcase. I put them into the child's underwear drawer or on a shelf in their room. When laundry day came around everyone would strip their beds and put their new set on. When the laundry was finished everyone knew right where to put their sheets. No searching for a sheet that fit, no problem finding a sheet in the middle of the night when someone had been sick. Saves lots of storage space and time. Click for more ideas


Amblin said...

Now this is an excellant idea!!! I am implementing this in our home today. We have 5 beds to change weekly plus a guest bed. The sheets in the linen closet are overwhelming at times!

Sara said...

Great idea! My kids can't seem to keep up with the whole sheets on the shelf thing. My WFMW is about Frugal Ice Packs - Instant Bandaid Magic!

Jane said...

Great idea. We just got a bigger bed and I would love to get lots of new pretty sheets, but I discovered that it's just easier to have two sets. You are right about that! Sometimes less is more!