Sunday, March 18, 2007

Somethings (People) Are Hard To Change

I love my husband. He is a wonderful husband and has worked really hard to give his family everything he can. He is a great guy!

Just wanted to make that very clear before I tell you he was raised in a family that worships at the altar of food. Food is at every event, birth, death, wedding, Easter, and Christmas, and Thanksgiving of course. Also every just for the fun of it get together. Getting together means FOOD and lots of it and most of it full of fat and sugar. That is the way he was raised.

I went shopping yesterday at Sam's club. There are certain things I always buy. Lots of fruit and veggies. Lots of healthy choices IMO. I try really hard to feed my family healthy food. This is what I bought.
I am like most middle aged women, always struggling with my weight. I love a good brownie. What can I say? But if sweets aren't in my house. I won't eat them. I will say that truly it can take me months to eat a bag of M and M's.
When I was growing up sweets were a treat. Most sweets were homemade. We had wonderful cobblers from fresh fruit, the occasional homemade cake or Egg Custard pie. My grandmother made delicious fried apple pies and cookies that she called Tea Cakes. Obviously we had sweets enough I have very good memories of them. But not everyday and not JUNK.

My son is having a friend over for the night. The other adult that grocery shops in my home went out this morning to pick up some TP, bread and cereal. This is what he came home with.
This junk came along with a heartfelt explanation that it was snack food for the "kids" and that everything was on sale, so he hmmm.....this person, saved lots of money.

HOW? By buying enough sugar to ensure triple by pass and maybe a life of dependence on insulin? How is that cost effective?

Tell me people. How am I supposed to deal with this one? I can't spank a grown man. Person.
Not to mention the fact that I'm really wanting one of those chocolate chip cookies right now!


Meredith said...

Oh, Carrie, I've written before about the same thing. I feel like managing the food is my job, as is keeping us healthy through food--but when that intersects my role as a husband-honoring gets tough.

I always say I will do like Maggie of Hillbilly Housewife and say that what he eats is between him and God.

Carrie J said...

That is my feeling too Meredith. My only real issue is my son, who is a typical teenage bottomless pit, will eat anything. We had a conversation about nutrition yesterday and then...he ate 2 pop tarts. LOL

Joye said...

Carrie, this post made me smile. I too know how you feel!
Last night, I sent Dan to the store for a gallon of milk and 1 pound of ground beef.

He came home with the milk, 4 steaks, baby sunscreen (which we already have), and 1 pound of ground pork/veal mixed together...

What can you do? Just have to smile and love 'em!