Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Great Ant War Part 2

I'm killing 2 birds with one stone here. I've made great progress in my battle against the dreaded invading ants AND I'm counting this as a step toward breaking my bad habits (what in the name of sanity was I thinking of when I wrote that post?) I would say working on the pantry qualifies toward getting organized. That will be a topic for another day.

Here is a before shot of my pantry. I'm really lucky to have such a large space for a pantry. You can't see from these shots but there is also shelves to the right of the door. That is where all the canned goods are. I tried to find inexpensive containers and managed to locate some at yard sales these past few weekends. I've also utilized leftover coffee creamer containers. The outer layer of plastic peels right off leaving a nice white outside that you can label. The lids also have a pouring spout that is really easy to use. I have oatmeal, sliced almonds, and other things you can pour easily in mine.

I took all my cake mixes and put them into a large plastic container. Everything is labeled so it is easy to find. I still need to pick up a few large containers to put things like the pop tarts into. I still want to line all the shelves with paper . Best of all...I haven't found a single ant inside of anything! Yeah Baby!

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