Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sweet Days Of Childhood

I just love this post about children's imaginations. It is so sweet. It brings back memories of my own children and their imaginary friends. My daughter had a little sister with pink eyes and pink hair who drove a pink pick up truck and my son had a friend named Cecil who he talked to through a banana "phone". That lasted until he accidentally ate Cecil one day.

I miss those innocent, joy filled days and this story of a little girl and her friend the rock brought back some good memories.


Laura E. Jordan said...

Hey, at least I actually got a little sister named Juliana. Tyler has yet to meet a dude he can talk to on his Bananaphone.

Though I still wish I could've gotten a picture of myself talking on a banana next to the store called "Cecil's" in Antigua... I just couldn't figure out how to ask someone to take the picture without me looking like an absolute lunatic.

Carrie J said...

That would have been hilarious. Since when has looking like a lunatic bothered you? I thought I raised you better than that.

Laura E. Jordan said...

Hey, it's one thing to look crazy here. Yet another to look like one in front of a bunch of foreigners. The cruise passengers did such a good job of that themselves that I figured I should try to show people Americans weren't *all* ridiculous.