Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Ornaments And Gift Tags

It isn't always easy to get kids interested in sitting down and looking through family genealogy and I think it is important that they know something about their family history. I thought it would be interesting to include ornaments for these family members in away that would be fun and educational.

I did some brainstorming and came up with this idea after watching a scrap booking show where they made gift cards using movable elements.

I bought this box of tags at a yard sale for 50 cents. I wasn't sure what I would do with them. I knew that gift tags were a real possibility but I wasn't sure about any other uses. I just knew that there were possibilities and the price was too good to pass up.

Using paint, glitter, beads, jewels and Mod Podge from my supplies and photos I printed out I created these tags that I am using as ornaments on my tree. The backs are equally decorated and include names and relationship. I am a glitter kind of girl so I brushed each with a coat of Sparkle glaze after the Mod Podge and they look great on the tree. My favorite it the "shaker" ornament. I used the plastic cover from a pack of safety pins for the cover. I put beads and a little gold glitter inside and glued it to the decorated tag. The beads and glitter add some fun and interest. The possibilities are endless as to what you could add, any small item would work.

These would also make great gift tags. You could use pictures of individuals instead of names and they could hang them on the tree after they open their gifts.

Pics: The middle picture: Me with my middle sister at my grandparents home (Yes Sonya, I'm making one for you too!), My mom at 18 (Wasn't she pretty?) , My husband is the little boy on both tags (What a cutie!) , and my dad's parents.


Christine said...

I love the glitter. Those are so gorgeous. You really are creative.

La Familia Horne said...

I love the idea. When we go home I am having a Christmas party for the kids (since they are going to miss theirs at school.) I am going to steal this idea and have them do it with all of their cousins. I can't wait. I love how creative you are!!!

Sonny said...

AWWWW! I'm gonna have my own ornament. You know just how to keep the baby from beig jealous.LOL. Seriously though those are really cool. I need do do some of those for our family tree.
Merry Christmas.(It seems really strange to say that right now because our weather is in the 80's for the last few days.) I like cool/cold weather for December and we're just not having that right now.
Love ya sis.