Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am fascinated by this little creature and just a little creeped out. I know my kids would have loved one of these step up from the mechanical dogs. They are interactive and "learn" how to respond to you. You can program you own sound files into it. They also have regular updates to the firmware so what it is capable of will improve over time. Best of all...no poop!

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Laura E. Jordan said...

That's just creepy. Hard to believe that kind of technology is available all over the place nowadays, when that sort of thing wouldn't even have been available for movies when I was little. I like when he touches its feet.

And yeah, I decided to start that blog... haven't much been able to even think about what to put on there, but I'm trying. I need to start looking through the pictures I've taken. Though I guess I'll probably show you some of them when you get here, anyway.