Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday Savings: Free Stuff and Found Coupons

Since my last Saturday Savings post I've got quite a few free items. In the picture below I only put one of each just to show the items. At Walgreens I got 5 free Purell Gentle Foam. They were on sale for .99 and I used the $1/1 coupons. At Kroger I got 9 free Tennessee Pride Sausage gravy. They were on 10/$10 and I had .50/1 that they doubled to $1. The Nesquik was also 10/$10 and I had .50/1, so I got 10 of those free. Free Krispy Kreme donuts with coupon.

There were almost free items at CVS starting with the Soy Joy which I rolled over into the Crest Night Effects which I bought with a BYGO. I rolled those ECBs into the Mylanta deal where I used a $4/$20, 3- $3 off and ended up $2.26 after tax out of pocket with $10 ECBs back. My question...if you eat Sausage gravy, chocolate milk, Krispy cremes and then try adding something healthy like Soy Joys will your head spin around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist? Good thing I got the Mylanta!

At Ingles I got 14 packs of the Dannon Natural (and healthy) yogurt (56 individual) on sale 2/$3. I used $1/1 coupons. I also got 3 packs (18 individual) Swiss Miss pudding (OK, not as healthy but it does have milk in it...I think.) used .45/1 coupons that they doubled to .90. All of this was $12.35.

There were other deals but these were the best this week.

Several things I noted and wanted to share. At the pharmacy in CVS I looked for the booklet with the coupon for the Glucose monitor on sale and couldn't find it. I did notice though that they have many brochures that have $2/10 coupons that are good through the end of the year. Each brochure noted "Coupon Inside" on the cover.

I also had a Catalina print out at Kroger advertising the upcoming Post cereal deal. Nov 9-Dec2 they are having the deal where you buy Post cereal and get $ off your next order.

Buy 2 get$1

Buy 3 get $2

Buy 4 or more and get $3

All must be purchased at one time.

Time to stock up again, I'm almost out of the cereal I bought last time they ran the deal.

You have to love the coupon thing!


Michele said...

Great job Carrie!
Did you look on the pharmacy counter for the booklets? That is where I found mine.

Carrie J said...

Thanks Michele. I actually found them today when I went to pick up a newspaper. They were on the counter by the pharmacy register. The pharmacy was closed when I went there last night so they were behind the gate. That is why I couldn't find them.