Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Protest!

It was around 70 degrees yesterday. We got a much needed 2 inches of rain this week. But the news tonight is just too much. Snow. Up to 4 inches of snow over the mountains. When I went out to check the mail this afternoon sleet was pelting me. I'm not ready for cold weather. This is the South for Pete's sake and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet! I'm just going to post a couple of pictures I took yesterday of the beautiful leaves and mope around feeling jipped out of even a minute of my much loved rare Autumn days outside.

How quickly pass the days

and Autumn's beauty quickly fades

While our feet may seek a different path

our hearts still bring us home.


Sonny said...

Well I live further south than you do and it was in the high 50's low 60's Thursday and Friday. Today it was shorts weather. I would really like cooler weather. Not cold mind you just cooler.
By the way mom tried to leave you a post on the pioneer doors. I haven't checked yet but if it didn't go through and she said she couldn't get it to,so it was about how some of the fasteners looked like some that papa fixed.
Talk to ya later sis I love you:).

Debbie J. said...

I think the leaves were more brilliant this year due to the drought and late warm weather. We drove to Tennessee last weekend and the colors were gorgeous every where across NC and TN.

Carrie J said...

Debbie I think you are right. I thought they would just dry up instead of be so pretty this year because of lack of rain. Instead it seems they have lasted longer and been prettier even though they took a while to turn.