Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday Savings and A Couple Of Deals For This Week

I found a couple of good deals currently at my Walgreens. They have Turtles candy on sale this week for 99 cents after instant coupon. There are coupons from the 9/16 Smartsource flier for $1 off 1. So they are free with the coupon. Also Bayer Aspirin, 24 count, is on sale for 99 cent this week, and there are 55 cents off coupons from the 10/7 Valassis flier so the aspirin would be 44 cents. Good deal.

This past week I shopped 4 different stores: Krogers, Ingles, CVS and Walgreens. The Dukes mayo in the picture below came from Ingles. It was on sale for $1.50 and I had .90/1 coupons so it was .60 each. I can't find the ticket but around $4.54 after tax. Everything else in the picture came from Kroger and along with a rotisserie chicken came to $71.06 , down from $134.98 before coupons, for a savings of $63.92.

At CVS I bought one of the blood glucose monitors with the coupon, so I got it for free and got the $20 ECBs. I have more coupons but it says only one per customer on the coupon so I don't feel right about doing it again with the coupon. I got the Advil for 99 cents.

At Walgreens I got John Freida Hair Gloss and Dove conditioner on clearance and with coupons for about 20 cents each. The apricots were.99 cents each and the witch hazel came to $1.69 I think. The caramels were .50. All of it was around $6. I really need to get my receipts before I start posting.

More mayo from Ingles. I got 12 total. Enough to last until the next sale and enough to donate. The Cascadian Farms cereal was on clearance and with a coupon was $1.25. The Post Trail Mix Crunch was on clearance for $1.01 with a $1/1 it was .01. So an additional $6 something at Ingles. All in all a very good shopping week.


My name is Michelle. said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on how well you're doing! I do this sometimes too and know that it's a great feeling to get such good bargains.

Carrie J said...

Thanks Michelle, My only regret is that I didn't learn how to do this years ago. I could have saved us lots of money over the years. I am still in the process of learning when the sales of items rotate through so I will know how many to buy each time. I am pretty much stocked for winter right now I think.

Rebecca said...

Good job Carrie! I hope the drug stores are still having such good sales when I get back to the States. Good for you about the donating too. I do that too. I'll get a whole mess of something for almost nothing but then I can bless someone else with it.