Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Blues

It is our first Halloween since 1983 without someone dressed up and going Trick or Treating. Usually we are running around finishing costumes and stressing up until the last minute.

Tonight we all decided since we hardly get any Trick or Treaters on our street (1 last year) we would go to the mall and costume watch. It really was fun. We ate and watched the costumed people parade by. We saw some adorable costumes and I was pleased to only see one gory looking costume. I know that isn't the norm but it seemed this year even the adults were more creative and interesting than usual.

1st prize has to go to the 6ft tall man dressed as a whoopie cushion! It was hilarious! I wish I had thought to take a picture with my phone.

My favorite kid costume was this adorable reproduction of an Anne Geddes photo. So original. Dad will probably have a sore arm tomorrow! Sorry it is blurry I took it with my phone. Anyway I thought I would share a few pictures from Halloween past.

Napoleon Dynamite. 2 years ago.

Crocodile Hunter, Pink Lady, Golden Girl (?) and our friend Chase as Harry Potter

Beauty and The Beast. I was really proud of the makeup job on the Werewolf. It was awesome in person. Laura made her Belle costume.

"You're our only hope Obi-Wan."

Baby Spice. Afraditie. Zorro and Terminator.


Sonny said...

I know what you mean about the first year without a costume. Well I dressed up as a gypsy to go to the salon. But I had no kids in costume. Ryan went to the square as himself,Meaghan went to help out with the "Trick or Trunk" at the church she goes to. I watched tv...ALONE except for the dogs and my pesky familiar I mean cat who kept crawling into my lap and demanding attention. I didn't even have to help out this year with any of the little kids in the family. It was kinda boring.

Sonny said...

Sweet past costumes by the way. Forget to say that before.:)

Laura E. Jordan said...

What, no pictures of me as the Ghetto Cowgirl, made up of pieces we found about a half hour before finally leaving the house? Also, I can't believe you tagged me as a Golden Girl. What am I, Blanche?

Carrie J said...

I thought that would get a rise out of you.
Those are the pictures I could find the easiest.

My name is Michelle. said...

I was feeling awfully weary on Halloween after 3 days of late nights doing things. I sure hope my attitude didn't show it. Thank you for putting it into perspective.

marina said...

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Christine said...

I love these creative costumes. I love seeing pictures of your family. That Anne Geddes photo is super creative!