Saturday, October 20, 2007

Show and Tell Friday: Pepper The Wonder Dog

What makes Pepper a wonder dog? Nothing really, except for the change she made when she came into our family after the loss of our one and only family dog, Toby.

Toby was in our family for 10, almost 11 years, before he had to be put down because of stomach cancer. I didn't think we would ever have another pet. I just didn't think we could find another we would care about as much. Then a year and a half after his death, my husband, youngest son and I attended a festival. As we were leaving we noticed there was an animal rescue group set up with animals for people to adopt.

I walked by, refusing to give more than a glance at the puppies. I just didn't want to get attached to another animal the way we had been to Toby. But my son and husband had other ideas. They stopped as I kept walking. I went on to our vehicle. After a few minutes my son came and begged me to come look at the puppies. I reluctantly agreed.

When I got there I saw my husband holding this tiny little polka-dot puppy. He looked at me and grinned, sat her down on the ground and she pranced, yes, she pranced over to me. My heart absolutely melted. We found out that her two brothers and she had been left in a cardboard box in the parking lot of a store.

To make a long story short. She came home with us that day. Now she is part of the family and I can't imagine her not being.

She will spend hours on the porch swing.

Here she is playing with my oldest son. She will come up to you and stand on her back legs like that when she wants to be petted or wants a treat. The kids love to get her to jump.

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Sharon said...

What a cute, special dog! Thanks for sharing. You have a very lovely blog!

Hugs! Sharon

Quinne said...

Hi Carrie :) What a wonderful story! And I love her sweet, sweet face in that first picture. Have a blessed wknd! Q

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing your pet with us

Rebecca said...

What a sweetie! I know the feeling. When my Baby (female cat) died I couldn't even look at another. Then one day shortly after our marriage, Smokey came and camped out on our back porch and adopted us. Now I can't imagine being without him. Post a family pic sometime!

Laura E. Jordan said...

She's such a model. My desktop on my computer is the picture we took last fall of her with that frog toy on her head, all looking like an alien. It kind of freaks my roommates out.

Mica Garbarino said...

Awwwwwww !!! So sweet indeed !!!


Kristi said...

Hi, it's Kristi from The Speckled Dog. I just got your e-mail after my speckled one woke me up to go out. :-)

Oh my goodness, you aren't kidding! They look just alike. I really think it's possible. I'm in the NW corner of SC, so I'm really close to Western NC and Eastern TN. We got her in Oct '03. I'm not sure of the back-story behind her. You said that Pepper was left with her two brothers. While Dax is a female too, it's still possible since the animal shelter had her labeled as a male. I've looked for other dogs like her, trying to see if I could find another from her litter and I have to say that Pepper looks so much like her! Dax has a different body shape, but I'm sure that's normal with a litter. Their heads and faces, though, just a alike.