Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WFMW: Which Came First...The Meal Or The Menu?

I have never been good at making menus for our meals. I usually shop for deals and then cook what I have on hand. After standing in the kitchen one night, having a brain fart, unable to think of anything to cook, my husband came up with a solution that has helped me with this to a great extent.

I tend to cook a dish for awhile, get bored with it and move on forgetting about it. After cooking a meal now I make a quick notation in a notebook of what I cooked and what I served with it.

Eventually I'll add this to my master menu list. I have this divided into categories by meal and then by main dish. When I draw a blank I can refer to this list for ideas and reminders of dishes I have cooked in the past. Of course, it helps to look at the list before time to cook dinner, and to start dinner prep early, instead of 30 minutes before we need to eat. I'm getting there. I'm getting there.

Works For Me.

Picture: Pioneer Kitchen, Museum of Appalachia


Rebecca said...

Oh wow! I did that one time when I was in a rut. It really helped. Good for you!

Carrie J said...

Thanks Rebecca, That is my problem. I get in a rut and nothing sounds good. It helps to jar the memory a little and get some inspiration.