Thursday, August 23, 2007

Want To Live In A Hobbit Hole?

If you do then check out this home .

Built in Wales, this home is a low impact structure built out of many recycled and natural materials. I think it is adorable and super cool. With all the talk about how to lower our personal imprint on our environment it is easy to overlook the obvious benefits for frugal souls.

In ignoring the multitude of businesses for profit that offer expensive alternatives to our toxic cleaning products or items such as the ridiculously overpriced canvas shopping bags and getting down to the real green life, the business of recycling and reusing items and finding ways to lessen what we use in our everyday lives, one comes to realize living a greener life also means a frugal, simpler life.

Replacing all those incandescent bulbs with compact florescent saves in more ways than one. Turning up the thermostat puts $$ in your pocket and helps lessen the pull on our power grids, taking an ink cartridge to W*algreens to get it refilled makes perfect sense budget and environment wise. Every time you find a way to reuse, recycle or remake and item, you aren't only saving dollars, you are making an impact on our environment. So, every time you make a gallon of laundry detergent or other homemade cleaner, use vinegar and baking soda to clean, or repair that old pair of pants one more time, remember to smile and feel good about your lack of environmental impact all the way to the piggy bank.

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Sonny said...

My sprayer on my sink broke. No relevance to your post really just utter chaos in my kitchen came off and hot water was spraying everywhere on me included.
I guess there is a relevant point. My sprayer and whole faucet is around a year old and not cheap either. A good company known for good quality products. I think it was around 80-90 bucks. Delta or something like that. My point is stuff is not made to last. They the producer know that we, the consumer, are suckers. They know that we are a people who will replace what gets broken or worn out instead of repairing it. Things were made better once upon a time. We have became a disposable society. Diapers,plates,cups. Just about everything is disposable or replaceable for cheap. Supply and demand. We spend like there is no end and that is why everything is expensive. the dollar store is no longer cheap. Cheap made goods for not much less than Wal-Mart(not that they are top grade). When the first Dollar General opened here in Andalusia I could go there and buy my cleaning supplies for a lot less than Wally World. Now the price is only a few pennies cheaper. I know the pennies add up and I don't spend as much there as I would at Wal-Mart because the selection is smaller. It just irks me that now the prices are almost the same.

Joy said...

Wow, this is cool! I wonder if I could convince my dh to make one of these! LOL!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've answered your question in the comment section,



Carrie J said...

The point is that we make choices that are made due to wanting to live frugally. Those choices are often also good for the environment. By trying to live a more simple lifestyle we can reduce our impact on the environment. We do not have to take part in the disposable society. Be aware of the choices you make. Repair things if possible. Buy second hand. Don't use paper plates, at least not as often. Make your own cleaning products instead of shop at Wally world or the dollar store. They will be cheaper and better for the environment in the long run. Being frugal or being green isn't always easy. It takes some effort. Save money, save the world. Forget about the cheerleader! Ok. So I like Heroes.

Sonny said...

I like that. I just have to train myself and those around me. That's no too easy when you have a husband who works for an industry that makes one of the largest imprints on the environment. He also was raised by the disposable Queen. Let me tell you it has not been easy changing the habits of a "rich" farmers son to those of a "poor" farmer/loggers daughter. I had no idea that you replaced as much stuff because of the way we lived until I married Tim. If it has a small tear or stain chunk it. His sister is far worse. Every 2-3 months she throws out pots and pains because she can't get the black stuff off. It drives her husband who is frugal crazy.
I understand the concept I just have problems.(Don't go there):)

Teryn said...

What a lovely little house -- exactly what I would like to have.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Patty said...

what a great little house !
I am all for frugal living, thats why no clothes dryer for us, plus no fossil fuel usage and we use cloth napkins, not paper, lots of simple things that save in the long run. Even making my own soap cuts way down on what we would spend for such items