Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Melting! I'm Melting!

I know everyone is tired of hearing it but... Man! Is it HOT! On the way to my favorite thrift store today I passed a church with a digital display outside. The temperature they posted was 107! I know that is directly in the sun, but it felt every little bit of 107 out there! The actual temp was 99 I think.

I decided to pull out a few pictures of my yard I made during our last snow. Right now it feels like it will never be cool again, so turn the air conditioner on high and enjoy a little digital cool weather.


Sonny said...

Hey! I never see snow! Man you are so lucky. I cooled of just lookin' at those pics. Ah coolness. Everybody better pray the acs hold up through this heat wave. Tell me how they did this 100 years ago. We are so spoiled!

Christine said...

Thank goodness for swamp coolers. This has been one crazy hot summer!!!!

Angie said...

I think my clothes bout caught fire hanging on the line. LOL I know I did. I would like to see some snow here like that but we just don't get it anymore.

Carrie J said...

Christine, I have no idea what a swamp cooler is! But if it keeps you cool it has got to be a great thing to have around these days.

Angie, LOL. I think my shirt was smoking after I brought the garbage cans from the curb this morning!

Sonny, I would not trade places with you right now, no way!