Friday, August 31, 2007

A Few Homeschool Links

School is back in swing. Pencils are sharpened. Notebooks lined up. Curriculum purchased and lesson plans ready to go. I thought I would share a few links (a baker's dozen) to freebies that I have found on the net. I hope you find them useful.

For those who are studying Geography here is a Map which can be customized. This is a page that has a check list sheet and other geography links.

If you are doing a unit study on Egypt this might be of some interest.

Of course the National Geographic website is always interesting.

Grammar Girl offers quick tips on perplexing grammar questions to help clean up you writing. Wish I could download her brain.

Enchanted Learning has great worksheets suitable for use with many grade levels. Here is a link to printouts associated with Human Anatomy. The head bone is connected to the neck bone...

Someday I will have the time to try my hand at one of the MIT Open courses that are offered free online. For now I'll share the link for anyone who may have the time or a highschooler who would be interested.

If you have an MP3 player that will play book files you can download books to listen to here. You may also listen on your PC or laptop if you have Media Player. There is a registration process. I am not certain whether your local library must be part of their system or not. Here is another site which has classic books to download for free.

Many times you need pictures for reports or web pages that students may be working on. This site has a wide selection of photographs that are free to use. Please remember to use caution when looking through a website such as this. I have not viewed every image on this site.

Math. Errrrrrrr.

Here is a great site if you are reading Jane Eyre . Check out this page if you are studying the Bronte Sisters. (I will count these as one since they are connected)

Almost finished. Having the Eastern band of the Cherokee's reservation near by has made us very interested in their culture. Here is a link to additional information on their language, culture and alphabet.

Finally, PDF files to help keep up with all those little details such as booklists etc.

I hope everyone has a great school year. If anyone is interested let me know and I will post additional links as I can.

Check out Crystal's page for more tips.

Picture: UT Vet School Field Trip


My name is Michelle. said...

How timely on the audio books! My girls just got a video ipod for their birthdays! Thanks so much.

Debbie J. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love the music!!! Could stay here all day listening to it!
Debbie J.