Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dreaming Of The Open Road

It is so hot. I am so tired of it. It makes me think about the camping trip through New England that my girls, my sister and I took after my oldest daughter graduated from HS.

When we left Tennessee in August the temperatures were in the nineties and very humid. We spent almost 2 weeks traveling and camping in the much cooler New England weather.

One night it even got down in the upper thirties and for the first time I truly understood the mentality of the "Snow birders" that you hear about, the people who travel up north during the summer and winter down south.

Actually, ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to travel.

I remember in elementary school, back in the day, long before I had ever heard of a travel trailer much less an RV, around 3rd grade I think. I used to draw pictures of the double decker bus that I was going to turn into a house. I was going to drive my house all over America and see all the things I saw pictures of in my geography book.

I don't remember much about my design, except I remember a full size bathroom and kitchen and there was a pool on the roof! LOL. Couldn't you just see me sloshing down the road? With all the stuff I was taking I'm sure I would be moving about 2 miles an hour.

Yep, living in an RV is something I still want to try. I'm not so sure with gas being such an uncertainty these days that I'll ever have the chance, but I'd love to try it.

When I found this blog I was intrigued, and thought maybe some of you who secretly share my love of the road might enjoy it as well. Maybe I can get some of my travel fantasies satisfied vicariously without having to pack.


Michelle said...

Carrie, how funny! I've read Sara's blog, and now her RV blog for quite a while. I suppose it really *is* a small world.

I love the fact that they use alternative fuel. So they don't have to worry about gas prices.

And your trip sounds wonderful. I'd love to do something like that someday.

Carrie J said...

Michelle, It was great. It was a time for my daughters to get to know my sister better and to spend time together. We had a wonderful time. Camping kept the expense down and made for some great memories, some bad, some good and some downright funny.

Sonny said...

The only bad memory I have is when we found that awesome site in that campground on the other side of the creek and it rained all night and our tent leaked all night.:)
The heat index only got to about 100 degrees today. There's absolutely not like a south Alabama day in August. 100% humidity no rain in site in the sky or on the radar and the hot smell of grass so burnt that you can almost smell the odor of dry grass. Um Um Um. I just luv south Alabam!
Why don't everybody who ever wondered what it was like here load up and come for a visit you'll never forget. Summertime here is like no other. Clothes so wet it looks like you got rained on yet those of here forever know it's not even over yet.
Our Halloween costumes are mostly fairies and angels because they require little material because at night it's 70 or higher even in Oct.