Monday, March 24, 2008

What The World Eats

So much of our everyday life revolves around food. The gathering, fixing, and sharing of food. Looking around at the mall or any public place confirms that we maybe enjoy food too much in this country.

Time magazine has run an interesting series of pictures in a display titled What The World Eats. Eye opening and just a little humbling when you see how little some in the world must survive on. It is also interesting to see the amount of fruits and vegetables eaten in other countries compared to here. We seem to eat so much more processed food. Keep an eye out and notice how certain American icon products have made their way into the diets of people all over the world.


My name is Michelle. said...

I just ordered this book last week! Also another one similar (I think by the same author) but I can't remember now. Something about how people live maybe?

Also I wanted to point out that here, you can go through the local library and they have Rosetta Stone online totally free if you have a library card. My middle daughter took a class at the Y a couple of years back that utilized this program. If you're interested I'll try to find the info.

Carrie J said...

I would LOVE that Michelle. We are trying, trying being the operative word, to learn Spanish. I want to learn Italian as well. Please send me the info if you can get it. Thanks so much.

Rebecca said...

This was a great post Carrie! Thanks!