Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Wednesday Cuteness

My daughter brought this video to my attention several weeks ago. She knows what big Beatles fans my husband and I are. I decided to share it because it is just so darn cute. Enjoy.


Southerner said...

I found your blog off Like Merchant Ships. I have been lurking around looking at all the places you have been. We currently live in Madison outside Huntsville, Al. We are heading to Gatlinburg next week. I saw your post on Clanton- my dad lived there about 4 years. I saw you grew up in south Alabama- I am originally from Mobile. The blog world sure is small. We are looking forward to visiting your neck of the woods. We went to Crossville on our fall break and the kids loved going to Fall Creek Falls. I wish I would have seen the Mennonite Community. Give me any tips on places to go in Gatlinburg.

Carrie J said...

I think you were posting on my blog about the same time I posted on yours. LOL. Thanks for the comment. Check out your post for my reply.