Sunday, March 30, 2008

My To Do List

Just like everyone else I have a "To Do" list. And, just like everyone else, mine is a mile long. Most days I don't reach anywhere near the bottom of my list. On the days that I do the feelings of satisfaction rarely last because I know that tomorrow I will start right back at the top of another list.

I have been feeling extremely frustrated with that situation. I get a lot done everyday alright, but it just doesn't bring the peace, satisfaction or joy into my life that I am looking for. Frankly it just plain isn't a fun way to live.

I have started to become less interested in doing the things I need to do everyday. I feel they are a huge burden. I have slipped into a little self pity and have had the blues about it all. I have started letting some things slide....really slide. When I let things slide everything became worse because I began to be overwhelmed with things piling up; instead of a small chore they became a huge undertaking. A vicious cycle that overwhelms me. Time to take a new approach, a new path.

So, in an effort to improve my attitude I have decided to re-write my To-do list. No, I'm not taking a thing off. I'm going to ADD to it.

What I need isn't less to do. I NEED to be doing everything I am. What I need is to shake things up and add some things to feed my mind and my soul. I have let myself become bored. That sentence hurts to write because I have always told my kids..."Bored people are boring people." OUCH! I don't want to be boring.

In an effort to improve the situation and be accountable to someone other than myself I'm going to start a new category here on the blog titled My To-Do List . I'll try to share something a couple of times a week, an assignment of some sort that I will give myself. If anyone wants to follow along they can leave a comment or post on their blog and leave a link.

An assignment may be something as simple as spending some time writing a letter to an old friend to giving myself a pedicure. It might be a reminder to give myself time to do nothing for an hour, who knows. I have no idea if this is going to work but it is worth a try.

If anyone has any suggestions Email me at the address on the sidebar. Just remember to remove the asterisks.

Photo: Pathway at Norris State Park.


Shop girl said...

Carrie, this is great! I am in what I call the rutt! Not sure I spelled that right. Anyway...I am frustrated about the day to day stuff sometimes. I am fighting the battle of what and where to start. It should be so simple, just do it, but if your heart isn't into it becomes a real chore. I would like to do this with you, it would be interesting to see how we do.
Should I make a list to?
Hugs, Mary

Carrie J said...

Mary, I'm going to try to come up with an "assignment" for myself once a week or so. I think it would be great if you did the same on your blog. You can use mine or chose your own. It would be fun if others joined in too.
I'm not sure about the particulars yet. I'm still thinking it through. I think I'll choose a day early in the week, or maybe Sunday, to post so I'll have plenty of time to work it in.

My name is Michelle. said...

That is a really good idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Shop girl said...

I will keep coming back for your idea's. I think this could be good for alot of us.
Hugs, Mary