Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Clean Is Your House?

The BBC show How Clean Is Your House is almost like watching a car accident. You are appalled and repulsed at what you see and yet you just can't look away. How can people live like this? A more important question is how can they make their children live like this?

I have often wondered what happens after the big makeover. To live in such filth there must be some sort of mental illness at play. How long before they return to the pitiful state they were in before? Shudder. All I can say is don't watch this if you are eating unless you have a strong stomach.

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Mary said...

Aunt Carrie, I've watched this and similar shows many times. They're kind of addicting. You watch just to see what kind of people could live in such a disgusting situation. I watched one episode of this same show where the woman let her half dozen or so birds have full run of the house - disgusting. Bird muck was everywhere. And I thought my kitchen was dirty before when the dishes would pile a little too high after a day or 2. Really, there's no excuse for it.

Love you and wish we could visit in person.