Monday, September 10, 2007

Prayer For Amy

I've been following Amy's battle with leukemia. It has especially touched me because I believe that she is about the same age as my oldest child. When I think of her little one being without his mom it breaks my heart.

Things are not looking so good for her right now. The family is asking for additional prayer for her, so please, say an extra prayer for Amy. And pray for her family that they can have the strength they need.

Amy passed away this afternoon. Please pray for her family and those that loved her.


Christine said...

That breaks my heart. We will definitely include her in our prayers.

Rebecca said...

Prayers have been said and will continue to be. I didn't even know about her blog, but I spent yesterday reading it. Heartbreaking.

Carrie J said...

There are so many people who are going through what Amy did. I know a few. The Internet has allowed us to form such a large community. Last time I was on her page, yesterday, they had almost 400 replies to her husbands post about her death.
I hope that the power of so many prayers will somehow comfort them.