Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beautiful Blogs: Gumbo Lily

Everybody sing!

I wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart

I wanna learn to rope and ride

I wanna ride through the plains and the desert

Out west of The Great Divide

I wanna hear the coyotes singing

As the sun sets in the west

I wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart

That's the life I love the best.

Ok. I'll admit I have had a deep down desire to live like Laura Ingalls ever since I closed that first Little House book when I was in the third grade. When my grandfather would put the wooden slat side bodies on his 1951 Chevy truck, I would sit in the truck bed on a wooden box and pretend I was Laura on a long wagon trip out to the prairie. I longed to stand out on the prairie with the grass taller than my head just the way Laura described it.

As an adult I finally got the chance to drive across the plains. The sky is indeed Azure, where the Praire grass is still allowed to grow it would be over my head, if I wasn't 6 ft tall and you can hear the wind blow. It was just as wonderful as I imagined all those years ago.

Maybe that is why I love this blog, Gumbo Lily, so much..that and the mandolin music.

Click on the Picture for info on Patsy Montana


Sonny said...

Who's Patsy Montana?

Carrie J said...

Baby Sis, I should tell you the same thing I tell my kids...Look it up. That is the way you learn stuff. Google it baby. LOL
Instead, I'll do it for you.
Click on the pic of Patsy for more info.

Sonny said...

Thank you. She kinda looks like Patsy Cline.

Gumbo Lily said...

You were so sweet to do this Carrie. I guarantee, you can always hear the wind blow -- even through the prairie grass.