Friday, September 21, 2007

Building A Nest Egg

I was wondering what to post about this Friday. Haven't I shared every financial tip I know? Then I read a post at Holy Experience about having enough in our lives and I realized I do have something left to share.

Ann's attitude about spending money on things we don't need has been something I have been cultivating in my own life. I have really come to realize that just because something is a great deal doesn't mean you need it in your life. I think maybe this is something that you come to realize as you mature in your management of your finances.

I felt that I was doing a great job of handling our money because I hardly ever shopped for anything in a regular retail store. If I did buy something it was always on clearance.The majority of my shopping was done at yard sales or thrift stores.

I have arrived at a place in my life where I have finally realized that too much stuff is too much stuff. No matter how little you may pay for it.

My tip for the week is what I am doing with the money I am NOT spending. A truly radical thing...I'm actually saving it.

Every time I pass up a "deal" I take the money I would have spent and put it into my nest egg. Since purchasing Crystal's course on supermarket savings I have really increased my couponing. At least half of the difference between what I would have spent without the coupons is added to my nest egg.

Where I found it difficult to cut money from my budget before I have found this a much easier way to put some money aside. In just the last few weeks I have seen a nice little increase in the balance.

I'm not taking anymore money out of our family budget than before, just spending what I have more efficiently AND I feel much better about how I am handling my part of our family finances.

For more tips check out Jessica's blog Life As Mom.


Stephanie @ said...

I can completely agree with you! I thought I was being thrifty as well but found I have a lot to learn, even about being thrifty! One thing I have implemented into my life:
If I can't afford it, it isnt a good deal, no matter how good the deal is!

Because of saving money on so many little things, and cutting my grocery bill, I have been able to leave my part time job and come home to my family!

Thanks for sharing! I like your blog!

Christine said...

I love your ideas. I am also a huge thrifter. I love getting a good deal. Every time I buy something new I always say, "I got it on sale for _____." Steve always laughs at me for doing this. I am a big coupon person also. There are so many ways to save money if you are patient and willing to wait for a bargain.

Simply Stork said...

Wonderful imput here...too much stuff is too much stuff no matter how cheap it is...
~simply stork~

Lyn said...

Definitely a popular topic as this has been on my mind for a while now - I commented similarly last week on a few frugal blogs.

When we are young, we are in the mode to acquire because we feel we need this or that. As I have gotten older, I have found the opposite to be true, and am most happy when I am not dealing with "stuff". It seems we end up spending the latter part of our lives getting rid of all of the great bargains we collected years before. :)

I'm happy to see more people posting about being content and living with less instead of "what great deal can I buy this week". That is refreshing.

La Familia Horne said...

Allen is always telling me I am too tight. One of the reasons I have had such a hard time adjusting here is because of the lack of thrift and discount stores. The only thrift store here is only open M-W-F. I am there every day that it is open. I have found all of my kids nice winter coats for under 10 bucks each. I also found Allen a new leather jacket for 11 bucks. I have also recently started collecting coupons too. We can use them here 6 months after the expiration date! We don't get a sunday paper here. The only coupons we get we have to go to the Family Support Center and grab the ones that were sent to us by the Veterans Widows that live in retirement homes back in the states. I love them for doing that for us!!!

Carrie J said...

Theresa, I need to send you my coupons if you can use them that late. I wonder how much it would cost to send an envelope full? Email me your address.

Annaleah said...

I totally agree with you that just because something is a great deal doesn't mean you need it! This is something that I have been working on! I love getting things for cheap, so sometimes when I see something for a really great deal, I'll buy it, even if I don't need it! And I have to remember that if I don't need it, I'm not saving money by buying it!

Lady Why said...

Great post and a timely topic! I am guilty of being a bit of a 'clutter bug' and I have to constantly remind myself to consider whether or not I really need something when I see a great sale.

I corrected the tuna link on my Frugal Friday post if you'd like to go back and print the coupons, you can now! Thanks for stopping by!