Saturday, January 31, 2009

What I Saw: How To Cross A Creek

We have been in North Carolina on a business trip. Near Hot Springs I saw this cabin and an ingenious way that they have created to cross the creek to their house. They park near where I took this picture and board this little cart to cross over to where their house is located.

It was extremely cold yesterday and this morning. The wind was the problem. It was blowing incredibly hard and since we were around 4000 elevation it was much colder than the valley we live in. I was not quite prepared for how cold it would be. We went up to Blowing Rock attraction for just a few minutes this morning and after only about 10 minutes I felt like the ends of my fingers were frozen!

This is a picture of a mill near Banner Elk, just over the state line, in a little place called Trade.

I know these pictures are nothing compared to what others in the country have been dealing with this winter so far. I hate when we get ice in Tennessee. We don't get much and no one seems ready when we do.


Christine said...

Don't you feel horrible for those that are back East and their heaters/electricity won't be on until possibly mid February. I can't even imagine. Beautiful pictures by the way.

Shopgirl said...

Beautiful pictures...I think the house that is across the river is
a picture into another world. I bet they don't get alot of company..Hugs, mary