Thursday, April 17, 2008

To Do List: Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV

Take your camera on a walk and take pictures of your neighbors beautiful red tulips.

Talk your 16 year old into sitting for some practice taking portrait style pictures.

Get some weeding done and then sit in the backyard and watch the birds at the birdbath.

Work on recording some family history.

Learn to use editing programs on family pictures or

on pictures you have taken. Work on a recipe for dog biscuits using pulp from juiced vegetables.

And that just about takes care of the first 3 days without TV.


Christine said...

You are amazing! Love the tulip picture!! Keep up the good work!

Sonny said...

You timed this without tv on purpose this way didn't you. You knew the NEW episodes of lost start next week. LOL
love ya sis!

My name is Michelle. said...

When did you start juicing? Did you post about it before and put thoughts in my head? :) We started about a week ago. On the "Live Lightly" link, the lady who writes it is talking about juicing and I followed links around found so much information that now my home is stuffed with fresh vegetables and fresh and frozen fruits! I'll probably post on it soon, assuming we keep it up of course.

Beautiful tulips, btw.

Carrie J said...

Sonny, I'm sly like a fox! LOL. Actually I usually watch the episodes online now. It takes less time and I can rewind if I don't catch something.
Michelle, I have been juicing for a couple of years now. I got my juicer on Freecycle. I go through spells where I don't and every time I get started back I feel better and wonder why I ever stopped. Carrot juice is my fave. I usually down a big glass a couple of times a day. I read recently about potato juice and have added it for the potassium. It is nasty by itself but is very tolerable with carrot juice. You have to let it sit and "settle" for a few minutes before drinking. The starch has almost no nutritional value so it can be discarded.
I've also tried Spinach, which takes a lot and gives little juice but seems to pack a nutritional punch. I mix it with carrot and celery.
This is turning into a post by itself. I think you will get hooked on juicing. Just take it slow at first because it can give you a little digestive trouble if you aren't careful.