Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday Savings

This has been a good shopping week. Today at Target I picked up a Glade Flameless candle, on sale for $9. I used a $3 off from recent newspaper inserts. I noticed that some of the candles had $5 off stickies on them. So I ended up paying $1. Great deal! I also picked up a Glade scented candle. They are on sale for $2 and I had $1 off. So both candles cost just $2 together.

I didn't bother to photograph my Kroger trip this week. Their sale was really good, the buy 10 get $5 off your order netted me $89.86 in groceries for $29.54. That included 10 bags of cookie mix, 5 bottles of grape juice, 5 cans of soup, 3 boxes of muffin mix, 2 boxes of brownie mix, so on a so forth and a few items I didn't have coupons for.

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Niki said...

Great deal on the flameless candle!
I went a few days ago and picked one up for my grandmother and she loves it.

Where did you find a coupon for the little candles in the glass jars?


Carrie J said...

Nikki, it was in one of the Sunday coupons in the last few weeks. I'll try to look it up for you.

Christine said...

Hey Carrie,
That is so sad about Grandma. Steve hasn't heard anything yet. We are planning to call her and Ross to find out more details. Thanks for letting us know.