Monday, February 04, 2008

What I Saw: Consulation Church

Pics: Consulation Church (Reportedly one of Alabama's most haunted places. Scroll down until you find Red Level)

Bottom 2: My Great-Great Grandparents. Their names in the Lee family Bible.


Patty said...

Love your photos Carrie, the door knob looks like a pigs snout : )
It does look like the one I took

Sonny said...

Don't be skeptical. LOL. I still wouldn't go back alone or at night. I'll go at night if you'll go. NOT!EVEN!
Love ya sis.

Shop girl said...

Well, this was a adventure. You took some really great pictures...thank you for sharing.
I think it is very special that you found these grave sites..WOW!
Hugs, Mary