Friday, June 05, 2009

The Times, They Are A Changing.

This week I went on my first job interview since 1984. I got the job! It is a part time job as a receptionist and doing paperwork for an Senior citizen home care provider/assisted living facility.

It feels good to get back out into the "real" working world again. I've worked for myself for the past 25 years, and will continue to work in our business during the week.

The biggest challenge right now is to find a frugal way to build a professional wardrobe. Working at home and doing the type of work we do, my wardrobe consist of mainly blue jeans and tee shirts.

I've managed to find quite a few items on clearance at stores like Catos and have enough to get started with a basic mix and match black based wardrobe.

I haven't been around here much because we have been busy with so many things. My daughter has been here for 2 months. She leaves tomorrow.

My son was injured (dislocated knee, torn ligaments) while moving out of state and it has been very stressful for us to figure out how we can best help him. He is over 14 hours driving time from here and flying back and forth is out of the question. He is an adult and capable of handling most of the details himself but needs help getting around and finishing his move. I'm waiting for the details about his surgery to be finalized.

One thing is for certain: Life is always going to be a challenge. Sometimes it is very difficult to find something to be grateful for in the middle of the chaos. But it truly makes all the difference between living life or just merely existing and enduring to the end.

Pic: Roses in a small bowl. Special effects done in Photoscape.


Shopgirl said...

Way to go Carrie, You sound happy.
A new job...what a wonderful adventure this will be.
Good luck, Mary

Angie said...

good luck with the new job. We really need to get together to chat. We are up to our eyeballs in farm work here. Johnny leaves tomorrow night so Ross and I will have our hands full. My beans will be ready to pick before I know it. Potatoes are blooming hope they make tators lol. I have to till up a new patch this week to get the rest of the garden out. Mom's yard needs mowing so i willbe ovewr there Monday to do her yard work then the rest of the week here trying to catch up. Talk to you soon.

Carrie J said...

Thanks guys. I need to get back to posting here. Soon I hope.

linda said...

Fantastic news Carrie! I relate to the wardrobe thing too. Have you thought about having swap parties with your friends? Everybody brings clothes (and wine:) and trade with each other. I am thinking of doing it myself soon.