Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Can you find these hidden pictures?

One of the things I loved as a child was Highlights magazine. My mother kept a subscription for awhile and I kept the old copies for years.

Some of my favorite memories are of curling up on the couch with Highlights. I would compare my own drawing skills with the ones of the kids who were lucky enough to get their pictures published, read the poems they wrote and try a few of my own. Goofus and Gallant never failed to teach me that manners always matter.

My favorite had to be the hidden pictures. I loved it because they made it hard enough that it was a challenge. Yes, there is a lot to be said for paper in hand when it comes to learning. But isn't it wonderful that almost anything you want can be found today through the wonders of the internet? I found one of my old favorites to share. Do me a favor, if you ever find those scissors, or that megaphone, let me know.


Rebecca said...

The hidden pictures part was my favorite too!

Christine said...

The scissors are in the bird in the bottom right. Fun stuff...

Hillary said...

Sorry to intrude (mentions of the magazine online come across my desk). Glad you still enjoy the game! We actually have a site just for folks like you --- www.iwasahighlightskid.com. We'll be honored if you cross post this there!

Hillary Bates
Highlights for Children

Laura E. Jordan said...

The megaphone is next to his right foot!