Saturday, October 04, 2008

Beautiful Blogs: Safely Gathered In

I really like to be prepared for any emergency situation. When we lived in Alabama the power to our home was always going out. If we had any type of bad storm we had to be prepared to do without power for days. We installed a wood burning heater that had a cook top. Even though I didn't have to worry about stove top cooking I still was unable to bake anything.

When we moved into our home one of the things I made sure I bought was a gas stove so I would have a way to cook if the power were disrupted. My plan only worked halfway because the oven has an electronic ignition so I still can't bake anything if I don't have power.

I was very excited to find this tutorial from Safely Gathered In that shows how to make an oven out of a cardboard box! I will be getting the supplies together so I can have one of these on hand then next time we are without power.

Safely Gathered in is a blog all about personal and family prepardness. There is lots of great info for those who are looking to arm themselves against any disruption to their normal day to day life. It is a must read in my opinion. Check it out and tell them Carrie J sent you.

Pic: Bread and Olive Oil dip.


Shopgirl said...

I love your new is so fall and magical. And it is wonderful that we share things on this ole blog...we are a friends.
Carrie, Julie from Celtic Lady and I are doing a little challenge for the season. Go take a look at my blog and see if you are feeling arty...there is a award.
Big Hugs, Mary

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Thanks so much for sharing this resource! I've been wondering about the same thing recently.

Rebecca said...

Oh I like the new decorations!

Shopgirl said...

If you get a minute, go over to Julie's at Celtic Lady and vote.
There will be a drawing for a prize for just voting.
Julie is on my side bar under friends.
Your Mary