Tuesday, July 08, 2008

If I Were King ....

I would put a ban on useless political coverage. Is anyone else as sick of the election as I am? Well, maybe not the election just the coverage of the election. While is is extremely important to know who has the best economic plan and what they plan to do about our education system, do we really need to know that pet owners prefer McCain to Obama?

Does it matter which potential First Lady has the best style, or should I say which has the best stylist picking out her clothes and trying to make us think they dressed themselves?

I am pretty sick of both the Democrats and Republicans right now. They are too busy fighting to get much of anything done. Can you imagine where we might be if they took all the time they spend skirmishing and put it into actually making a difference? I don't believe it will ever happen.

Maybe we should just open the backdoor and push them all out. Wouldn't that be nice!

We can replace them with people who know how to run things.

Meredith at Merchant Ships can be the Secretary of the Treasury. She will save us enough money to have the national debt payed off in 2 years flat. Hmmm...maybe The Office of Management and Budget would be better for her or better yet, a co- chair with Crystal at Money Saving Mom.

Patty at Morning Ramble can be the Secretary of Agriculture. She will make sure everyone is fed and we will see food production like never before in this country and it will all be organic!

My sweet hubby could be Secretary of Labor because I don't think there has ever been a harder working man alive.

Kim at Daisy Cottage could be Secretary of the Interior. She would have everything looking great!

My daughter Laura can be Secretary of State because she is a world traveler and after working in theater for so long knows how to deal with difficult people and get a diverse group to get it all together and put on a great show!

After what Angie has been through this past year she definitely should be Secretary of Health and Human Services. We would all have health care after she got through and only one page of info to fill out to get it!

Secretary of Education would be the people at Ambleside of course!

Secretary of Transportation would have to be my daughter, Juliana, because she is on the road with her friends constantly. Who better to know what our transportation system needs than someone who makes such good use of it?

I'd have to think about the rest for awhile. Who would be President? Oh I don't know...probably the guy would looks best in the blue suit.

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Shopgirl said...

My Sweet Friend, you have hit the nail right on the head. I try to keep my mouth shut, I can get on a soap box when it comes to who we should vote for. I am not sure about anyone any more. We as a country have been lied to so many time. I probably wouldn't know the truth if it hit me in the face.
Yes, I am tired of the crap that is being put on the nightly news. I could care less that someone did or did not wear a flag pin...could we just talk about the fact that this country is in trouble, and who really can fix it. I told ya, I am on my soap box.
You are a Darling, hang in there!
Thank you for your commets, I won when you came to see me.
Your, Mary